Who we are

Renaissance by Social Innovation, Pakistan (RESIP)

Renaissance by Social Innovation is the first ever organization in Pakistan with the distinct objective to counter violent extremism through social innovation. Ayub Ayubi is the founder and chairperson since he established RESIP in 2011 as a response to a growing violent extremism and radicalization.

Our Vision

It is our vision and trust that Pakistan will provide a peaceful, healthy and prosperous environment for all our citizens regardless of gender, age, ethnic and spiritual origin. It is our belief that this is achievable by a timely educational system and the right to free thinking and enquiry. Pakistan will earn the respect of the international community to engage in business opportunities of mutual benefit; it will remain a place to visit because of exceptional cultural values and natural beauty.

Our Outreach

Since the very beginning our organization systematically addressed the youth from all over Pakistan; more than 5000 volunteers are associated with RESIP, reached by a variety of programs. We were able to create a network of volunteer activists in Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh, KP, Azad Jamu Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan.

What we do

RESIP works tirelessly to research, train and facilitate organizations and individuals to counter violent extremism, cyber extremism and to instill pluralism, critical thinking skills and conflict resolution. Recently, RESIP launched an audio-visual website (www.dialoguepeace.com) to further counter cyber extremism and to create awareness, particularly amongst the young.

We follow a research based approach to counter violence, yet we believe that civic education, and literacy and communication skills alone cannot achieve a desired condition of tolerance. It depends on conflict resolution skills and the opportunity for dialogue-space and -time available to students on campus and at home.

Our Mission

  • To analyze the behavioral aspects of violent extremism to serve as a database for peace practitioners, policy makers, analysts, media and the general public.
  • To conduct dialogues on social issues with experts about aspects of violent extremism to suggest effective responses that curb violent extremism.
  • To run advocacy campaigns against the factors that promotes violent extremism.
  • To counter cyber extremism by challenging the violent narratives directed against minorities and religious sects.
  • To enhance the capacity of community based organizations, strengthening all means to weaken extremist narratives.
  • To provide a platform so that young people can join informal dialogues, a prerequisite for effective and peaceful campaigns.


RESIP conveys the causes of violence and extremism through online and offline means which became considerably easier and more effective since the advent of social media. It also uses social media to raise awareness for a pluralist approach and to inculcate the value of diversity.


So far, Pakistan lacks responsive research to ensure an analysis of the behavioral aspects of violent extremism. At RESIP, we conduct such surveys and provide a database of behavioral analysis on violent extremism.


Dialogue plays a key role in developing empathy and to resolve conflicts. Therefore, we primarily use dialogue as a training method to demonstrate the devastating effects of violence and radicalization.


In 2014, RESIP initiated a major event under the banner of ‘Collage Peace Fellowship Conference’. Since that time, we regularly provide opportunities for the youth of Pakistan to interact with each other in special networking events.

Mashal e Rah is the largest youth network for peace which aims to create an environment in which young people are encouraged to make their own conscious choices about their behavior, attitudes and skills while countering the undue social influences that often lead to less informed decisions and unconscious engagement with religious, social and political cults.

Re-Thinking Education

The weLEAD Symposium is the largest network of teachers from across Pakistan to mainstream peacemaking thoughts and values.

Our Campaigns

Stop and think! Indeed the lightning speed of the lives we live offers little time to ponder over the social plagues eating away the very roots of humanity. How much suffering shall we inflict to reduce our existence to ashes? We turn on the TV only to be hit by the jolting pangs of despair. War here, conflict there, mass murder somewhere else. All these issues spring up from our lack of tolerance and failure to respect others’ opinion.

We need not ask you to join in; you’ll do so because it’s the need of the hour. So come forth and explore the very emotion that’s going to heal our world. Let wisdom guide us to the path our soul strives for.

The official hashtag for the event is #justuju Mashal_e_Rah

Our Programs

Collage™ Peace Fellowship Conferences

are an exceptional opportunity to engage change makers, story tellers, risk takers and dialogue gurus...

The weLEAD Symposium

addresses the means to provide fruitful learning for all segments of society, regardless of ethnicity, strata or gender.

Conflict Resolution

is a communication tool to aid civilized discussions between individuals or small groups.


is a leading program designed by Renaissance by Social Innovation, Pakistan.


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E: ayub.ayubi@gmail.com