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Renaissance Foundation for Social Innovation, Pakistan (RESIP) is a research based institute that was established in 2011 with the distinct objective to engage youth in building social cohesion through social innovation. We aim to empower youth in preventing and countering violent extremism, cyber extremism, and to instill pluralism.  


RESIP envisions a peaceful, healthy and prosperous environment for all citizens of Pakistan regardless of gender, age, ethnic and spiritual origin which we believe is achievable by a timely education system and the right to free thinking and enquiry. We envisage a Pakistan that has earned the respect of international community to engage in business opportunities of mutual benefit; and remain a place of interest to visit for its exceptional cultural values and natural beauty.


RESIP strives to promote a prosperous, peaceful and healthy environment for all citizens of Pakistan, regardless of gender, age, or religious beliefs. We aim to create a free citizenry through social programs and meaningful dialogues and bank in the fundamental rights of free inquiry, culture transformation and the urge towards a lasting peace. Our goals are thus:

  • to analyze the behavioral aspects of violent extremism to serve as a database for peace practitioners, policy makers, analysts, media and the general public;
  • to conduct dialogues on social issues with experts about aspects of violent extremism to suggest effective responses that curb violent extremism;
  • to run advocacy campaigns against the factors that promotes violent extremism.
  • to counter cyber extremism by challenging the violent narratives directed against minorities and religious sects;
  • to enhance the capacity of community based organizations, strengthening all means to weaken extremist narratives; and
  • to provide a platform for young people to join informal dialogues, a prerequisite for effective and peaceful campaigns.