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A series aimed at promoting adolescent, youth and majority engagement in bringing peace by encouraging them to think and question, subsequently enabling them to evaluate their human values. The series consists of five 60 sec animations revolving around prevalent social issues such as Religious and Social Discrimination; Personal Space & Safe Space on Campus; Denial of Political Rights and Civil liberties; Endemic Corruption and Impurity for Well-connected Elites; Gender Inequality; Islam Under Siege; Biases harbored by Persons in Authority; Social Exclusion and Marginality; Social Networks and Group Dynamics; Frustrated Expectations; Unmet Social and Economic Needs; Intimidation or Coercion by Violent Extremist Groups.

Main Activities

These videos will be translated in local and national language and will be made accessible for a larger audience to improve the acceptance of minorities in Pakistan.

The Characters

Boota, belonging to a small village in central Punjab, is tall, lean and athletic with a dark complexion, and with a moustache that twirls at each end. He has never been away from home and is now starting college with aspirations to settle into the urban life. Joe, on the other hand, is raised in a small Christian locality situated in the same city as the campus. Adventurous and looking for new experiences as an urban boy, Joe decided to live in the college dorm to enjoy independence from his small and crowded family home.

The Plot

Two main characters Boota & Joe meeting daily in a large government owned educational institution, made of red brick buildings surrounded by green grassy patches among a grid of concrete road and fully equipped with laboratories, an auditorium, several canteens, and a sports complex.

Project Leader

Obaid ul Mohsin is a multimedia artist and an industry veteran for past 8 years with renowned international clients. His expertise ranges from animation, comics, photography, TV commercials, games, and motion graphics to designing award winning apps & websites.” He is also Alumnus of Emerging Leaders of Pakistan, pursuing his passion to bring social change through arts and entertainment.