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Mashal-e-Rah is a national campaign against violent extremism that focuses on building peace through dialogue on social issues in order to create a sustainable network within universities. The project was initiated in order engage young people for debate and dialogue within their campuses and to provide a platform for passionate and aspiring youngsters working on various areas such as Photography, Video Making, Community activism and Social development to channel their energies and strengthen their voice.

This intervention has commenced with three set of activities – University Dialogue Sessions, Studio Recording of Panelists and Social media sensitization.

The dialogue session on different counter narrative topics have so far been held in various Universities (such as NED University Karachi, Lincoln Corner Karachi and Habib University) – and over 35 students from 10 universities were selected and trained as an ambassador to initiate dialogue within campus for this purpose.

Furthermore, Studio recordings producing digital content and Social Media Campaign was created by 16 expert panelists on various given topics to address the potential drivers of conflicts and intolerance. Digital content was focused on creating dialogue on counter and alternative narrative through high quality audio-visual and graphic content on social media to counter the extremist narrative directly and indirectly.

All these sessions showed a positive response from students and participants. Towards the end of dialogue sessions in universities, students’ feedback indicated that they felt remarkable change in their behavior and attitude towards minorities, women and prevalent on-campus violence and intolerance. Moreover, with the help of the digital content we managed to engage social media audience on various social media platforms. The Audio-Visual content was viewed by over 55,000 virtual audiences on Facebook and twitter. And it also created dialogue threads on Facebook.

Over the past few months Mashal-e-Rah is continuously trying to engage the audience more on their social media platform through campaigns and open dialogue. Currently, Mashal-e-Rah has 3 major platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On Facebook, Mahsal-e-rah has over 60,000 followers who are active users and respond to our many campaigns as well as participate in open dialogues either happening in actual location or virtually.

People's Voice

Have a look at the videos below to find out what people have to say about Mashal-e-Rah, and the change that the campaign aims to bring about.

Twitter Campaigns

#MeandMyHero Campaign: In celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day, Mashal-e-Rah designed and implemented a social media campaign. The main focus of this campaign were twitter and Instagram. Through this campaign, we successfully engaged audiences by sharing photos of Pakistani heroes such as martyred military personnel, national heroes like Edhi and many others. That is how #MeAndMyHero began trending on twitter.

On twitter we set the trend with the help of bloggers and influencers. The campaign received spectacular response, with followers retweeting posts under the hashtag. A total of 79,000 people saw those tweets and 211 users participated in the campaign, while 800 tweets were generated.