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RESIP strives to promote a prosperous, peaceful and healthy environment for all citizens of Pakistan, regardless of gender, age, or religious beliefs. We aim to create a free citizenry through social programs and meaningful dialogues and bank in the fundamental rights of free inquiry, culture transformation and the urge towards a lasting peace. Our goals are thus:

  • to analyze the behavioral aspects of violent extremism to serve as a database for peace practitioners, policy makers, analysts, media and the general public;
  • to conduct dialogues on social issues with experts about aspects of violent extremism to suggest effective responses that curb violent extremism;
  • to run advocacy campaigns against the factors that promotes violent extremism.
  • to counter cyber extremism by challenging the violent narratives directed against minorities and religious sects;
  • to enhance the capacity of community based organizations, strengthening all means to weaken extremist narratives; and
  • to provide a platform for young people to join informal dialogues, a prerequisite for effective and peaceful campaigns.