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Can the contemporary media be the sole representative of nuanced local and global issues?

As fellow graphic designers, we understand the need for valid representation that engages the audience on social, political, and cultural issues; which are seldom visualized within mainstream media with all their complexity.

Postervism, as a poster designing competition aims to develop a collection of graphic stories and visual cues in a form of a research board that makes the audience see the world differently. Graphic designers from all over Pakistan are invited to use their skills to translate social, political, and cultural issues into visual cues and provide their audience a way to visualize their society in a novel way.

Highlight social, political, and cultural issues within your society by developing a poster that provokes the spectator to imagine a reformed society, where gender is treated impartially, extremism is moderated, and different identities can coexist.

The selected posters will be a part of a travelling exhibition across Pakistan!

Before submission, you need to register on the link given below to confirm your participation.

Last date for registration: 30th November, 2017
Deadline for final poster submission: 31st December, 2017

The themes of the poster are as follows:
1. Gender Impartiality
2. Peripheralising Extremism
3. Spatial Identities

Since the themes are not mutually exclusive, you are allowed to develop a poster with either of the themes or with a combination of them.

The participants will have to follow the submission guidelines when submitting their poster. These will be uploaded shortly.

Registration link


Postervism is a collective effort of the Pakistan Chowk Community Centre & Renaissance Foundation for Social Innovation, Pakistan.

Project Leader

Traveler by choice, story teller by default – Marvi Mazhar graduated from IVSAA in 2009 and joined First Woman Architect of Pakistan, Yasmeen Lari. In 2014 she started her own Heritage and Design Consultancy, and has been involved in regional and urban conservation as well as urban design interventions for government, municipal and corporate clients. She is actively involved with Restoration of Railway Cantt Station, and documenting series of Colonial bungalows projects for analytical studies primarily in Karachi, and Sukkur. Marvi Mazhar served as Director at PeaceNiche (T2F), and is the co-founder of (ADRL) The Architectural Design Research Lab, housed within, and affiliated with, the Department of Architecture at the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture-a research laboratory devoted to projects within the fields of architecture and urban design. In 2016, Mazhar became an appointed member of the Lahore Conservation Society, Karachi Biennale (Outreach Committee) and Secretary to South Asia Foundation (SAF-Pakistan). She is currently the Project Manager of National History Museum (Lahore, Pakistan), conceptualized by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan.