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RESIP follows a research based approach to counter violence, yet we believe that civic education, and literacy and communication skills alone cannot achieve a desired condition of tolerance. It depends on conflict resolution skills and the opportunity for dialogue-space and time available to students on campus and at home.

In this regards RESIP is vigorously involved in research, training and facilitating organizations and individuals to prevent and counter violent extremism, cyber extremism and to instill pluralism, critical thinking skills and conflict resolution. Since inception, RESIP has organized continuous dialogues, conferences and symposia on social issues to empower voices for peace and transformation.


RESIP conveys the causes of extremism through online and offline means, which became considerably easier since the advent of social media. It raises awareness for a pluralistic approach and to inculcate the value of diversity.


So far, Pakistan has lacked responsive research to ensure an analysis of the behavioral aspects of violent extremism. At RESIP, we conduct such surveys and provide a database of behavioral analysis on violent extremism.


Dialogue plays a key role in developing empathy and to resolve conflicts. Therefore, we primarily use dialogue as a training method to demonstrate the devastating effects of violence and radicalization.


In 2014, RESIP initiated a major event under the banner of “Collage Peace Fellowship Conference”. Since that time, we have regularly provided opportunities for the youth of Pakistan to interact with each other in special networking events.

Re-thinking Education

RESIP keeps constantly engaged in various trainings and sessions for re-thinking education. The WeLead Symposium is one such training program; it is the largest network of teachers from across Pakistan to promote mainstream peacemaking thoughts and values.